VIRGINIA COPS was formed out of a group of police officers and Deputy Sheriffs which met in Richmond, Virginia early in 1990.  It consisted of Alexandria COPS, Local 5; Arlington COPS, Local 48; the Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association, Local 34; the Charlottesville Police Association Local 67 and other police officers working in Richmond and throughout Virginia. It was developed to provide a state-wide voice for the working needs of police officers, their associations and their unions.  Over its first three years Virginia COPS operated as a state council of the International Union of Police Associations.  (More)

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These bills are currently being considered by the legislature. You can impact how the Legislature Votes!

HB1393 and SB790 Make it a Hate Crime to attack a LEO
HB1726 - Makes it a Felony to disarm a LEO.

HB1393 and 1907- allows retired officers to carry guns if they come back as school security officers.
SB881 and 1181 - allows a return to VRS while continuing to receive payments. 

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VCOPS Supports Calibre Press
Street Survival Courses

Virginia Cops is not a charity it is a police officers organization which works hard to improve the lot of Virginia's working street cops.

What is VCOPS?

Q. What is VCOPS?

A. VCOPS stands for the The Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs. It is an organization whose goal is to assist all working law enforcement officers in Virginia.

Q. What is VCOPS purpose?

A. VCOPS is a working cops organization that was established to provide one united voice for Virginia's law enforcement officers. Our goal is to improve wages, hours and working conditions as well as to increase the recognition of the professionalism of law enforcement in Virginia. We also provide training and consultation to our member organizations and individual LEO's. Finally, we work on a state level to introduce and support legislation which is beneficial to all of Virginia's law enforcement officers and oppose legislation that reduces benefits to law enforcement. VCOPS also promotes Officer Safety and Survival.

Q. What is VCOPS political affiliation?

A. VCOPS has no particular political affiliation.  On a state or local level, VCOPS supports anyone who supports the needs of working police officers and deputy sheriffs (not necessarily those who say they are pro-law enforcement) We support those who help us accomplish our goals and objectives.


What is VCOPS