In today's pressurized and violent, almost anti-police era, police officers and deputy sheriffs need to be effectively trained and reintroduced to modern tactics of survival on the streets.  Unfortunately, with today's budget restraints and limited resource, officers and deputies must reach deep into their own pockets to obtain training that they should routinely get.

Virginia COPS realizes this dilemma and promotes officer survival schools and officer safety courses aimed at preparing our public defenders for their ever dangerous job.

Any Virginia law enforcement officer may make application for a grant to attend an officer survival school being held in the state of Virginia or a neighboring state.  Virginia COPS will make payment for the the tuition for a Calibre Press Street Survival School for at least 20 police officers or deputy sheriffs each year. Calibre Press Schools are recognized by Virginia for credit towards In-Service Training.  Officers and deputies attending the schools will be responsible for travel and lodging expenses.  Schools and other training seminars will be announced on our Facebook page and this website .  "Dropping the Hammer" seminars will be held on an annual basis.


Street Street Survival Grants and Safety Training

Street Survival Grants:

VCOPS will pay the Tuition for Law Enforcement Officers to attend Street Survival Training Courses.  Contact us via