Street Survival Grants

Being a police officer requires preparation for death, daily. Officers put on bullet proof vests and carry guns for a reason: they are ready for the fight, and unfortunately not every warrior comes home. In the last 5 years, a police officer has been killed, in the line of duty, every 2-3 days. That is 727 lives lost. Cops are at war out there. 

In America a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty approximately every 53 hours.  They go to work with the knowledge That they may not return home.  They have committed their lives to protecting others, regardless of the risks.  The best defense they have is good training.  Training truly is the key to their survival. 
Unfortunately, with today's budget cuts and limited resources, officers and deputies must reach deep into their own resources to obtain the training that they should routinely get.  Any VIRGINIA Law Enforcement officer may make application for a Grant to attend an officer survival (or related training) school being held in the state of Virginia or anywhere in the United States.  VIRGINIA COPS will make payment for a Street Survival training school for at least 25 police officers or deputy sheriffs each year.  For Calendar year 2017 VCOPS has sent over 75 officers to Street Survival School Training.  Calibre Press Schools are recognized by VIRGINIA for credit towards In-service Training.  Officers and Deputies attending the schools will be responsible for travel, meals and lodging expenses to attend these schools.

VCOPS Street Survival Grants are available! VCOPS will pay the tuition for Law Enforcement Officers in VIRGINIA who would like to attend classes listed below. Please contact us at We will need your Name, Email address, Department, Badge # and a personal contact phone number to process your application. There are a limited number of Grants available.

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