What is VCOPS


VIRGINIA COPS was formed out of a group of police officers and Deputy Sheriffs which met in Richmond, Virginia early in 1990.  It consisted of Alexandria COPS, Local 5; Arlington COPS, Local 48; the Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association, Local 34; the Charlottesville Police Association Local 67 and other police officers working in Richmond and throughout Virginia. It was developed to provide a state-wide voice for the working needs of police officers, their associations and their unions.  Over its first three years Virginia COPS operated as a state council of the International Union of Police Associations.  In 1993 it established its permanent form as a 501 (c) 5 labor organization.  In 2008 VCOPS revised its constitution and established itself as an independent statewide labor organization.

VIRGINIA COPS is not a charity.  It is a police officers organization which works hard to improve the lot of Virginia's working street cops.  It is supported by its affiliated organizations throughout the state and by citizen and organizational contributions and support. 

VIRGINIA COPS works not only on behalf of its members but also for all of the Virginia law enforcement community.  Its projects are designed to improve policing in every department in the Commonwealth.

VIRGINIA COPS endorses community policing; the street cop working in, supporting and supported by the community he or she protects; a program to achieve accreditation of all Virginia's law enforcement agencies under the standards set by the Commission on Accreditation of law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. and quality law enforcement at the street level where it really matters.

VIRGINIA COPS sponsors Street Survival School Grants for any law enforcement officer in Virginia.  These schools are designed to effectively train and reintroduce police officers and deputies to the modern tactics of survival on the street and in the jail.  VCOPS also holds seminars for Law Enforcement Professionals on how to handle Officer Involved Shootings.

VIRGINIA COPS holds "Dropping the Hammer" Seminars in various locations throughout the state to help law enforcement officers understand the dangers and consequences of using deadly force.  These seminars are taught by a nationally recognized attorney from Houston Texas, Burt Springer.

VIRGINIA COPS holds 3 Meetings or Conferences per year in various locations throughout the Commonwealth. 

Winter - VCOPS convenes at the Virginia General Assembly in January of each year to introduce legislation that will assist working law enforcement officers with their jobs, and benefits.  VCOPS also seeks to protect existing laws that are on the books that assist working law enforcement officers.  Over the past 20 years many bills were introduced and passed because of the efforts of the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs.

Spring - VIRGINIA COPS holds a meeting during National Police Week (on or about May 15th) to review the legislative session and commemorate fallen officers at the National Police Memorial in Washington DC.

Fall - Each Fall VCOPS holds a training conference in Virginia Beach.  

Some past training topics have consisted of topics such as:

        The First Amendment and the LEO
        How to handle a Police Shooting
        The Right to Sue
        Garrity Rights
        Stress and the Law Enforcement Officer
        Workers Comp in Virginia
        Fair Labor Standards Act and LEO's
        The Citizen Lobbyist
        The Polygraph